Hello I live near Chesterfield in Derbyshire not far from the M1. I prefer to take my little layouts to one day shows and will travel quite a long way to attend one. I like to let show visitors have a go, especially younger people and I always have a couple of chairs in front of the layout for visitors to sit and chat. My trestles are all at wheelchair height to make easy for anyone in one and for children to see the whole layout easily.

I started modelling in the late 70's and failed to make anything in 2mm N Gauge, 3mm TT gauge and 4mm OO Gauge. Eileen bought me an O Gauge wagon kit for my birthday, I assembled it in an evening. I went back to the model shop, Roy Millership's Modellers Mecca in Wall Heath, explaining that I'd made someone else's model. Roy is unique he didn't say sorry nothing I can do for you, he said I've got just the book for you it was By E. Rankine Gray and called "Cardboard rolling stock and how to build it" it was 50p he then said there are some 7mm scale 0 gauge drawings in those magazines, pointing to a pile of them and they are 50p as well.

The book was and still is a revelation to anyone wanting to make wagons for pennies, if you cannot find a copy I have authored a PDF about wagon making from card. In same spirit shown to me by Roy I endeavour to pass on my knowledge to others, I feel it my duty to do so.

I have always liked Light Railways their idiosyncratic stories are so much more entertaining than their main line counterparts, spidery track, old locos and mismatched rolling stock to name but a few.

My layouts are scratch built; the track made from card sleepers and 00 rail, the points from copper clad strips, the locos from card and styrene, the wagons and vans from card and paper, the back scene from photographs and the locos are powered from a homemade controller. I also offer to email interested modellers, drawings, the controller circuit and instructions in 'how to' PDF format.

The model railway layout for a small space, Carl Arendt issued a challenge to modellers to make a working layout in 4 square feet or less. I took up the challenge a few years ago and made Moxley. They are the best model railways I've ever made, being on one board I can take them in and out of shows very quickly, I can be set up and running in about 15 minutes. I can sit and operate them from one position and talk to visitors at the same time. They are very easy to operate so I can let someone else have a go.

If you would like to book a layout for an exhibition or have a question please remove the rem0ve from the email address to contact me

Moxley my first micro layout.